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About Us

Our Mission

Delivering unmatched service & exceptional living spaces.

Adcock Properties' mission is to provide long-term professional and reliable service to our owners and our clients and maintain high standards within the property management industry. Our focus is to seize opportunities to allow all partners to achieve their goals through collaborative efforts and sustainable relationships while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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Over 50 years of excellence.


Adcock Properties was founded in 1967 by founding partner Jesse O. Adcock who, after 25 years of a successful career in the United States Air Force, decided to retire from the Armed Services and pursue a career in real estate. Initially starting out in residential sales and as a broker, Jesse eventually decided to start building multifamily units. Still having a passion for those who serve our country, he started building an eight-flex at the time outside of Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, eventually amassing 225 total units in that location alone. Having learned what, it took to be successful both outside of the Naval Sea Bee Station in Gulfport, MS, and built 89 more units for a total portfolio of 344 units. Jesse spent the next several years concentrating on his management skills and maximizing his portfolio's profitability.


In 2003 his son, John W. Adcock joined him in the business as the property manager at that very same first property in Biloxi, MS. John spent the next couple of years learning the business literally from the ground floor up. After having shown a natural inclination for the business and passion to grow in the industry, Jesse began turning over more responsibility for the business to John, eventually putting him in control of day to day operations. John quickly began to make his imprint on the company by implementing management policies and procedures and hiring the personnel needed for growth.


In the period between 2011 and 2014 as CEO, John oversaw a period of company growth that took the total unit count from 416 to 835 multifamily units covering the MS Gulf Coast and Mobile, AL. Most of these acquisition projects have involved taking struggling or distressed assets and through strong management and concentrated renovations, repositioning them and placing them back on the path to profitable properties.


Adcock Properties not only has the right people leading every aspect of the organization to continue moving forward into the future but it has a solid foundation and an exceptional track record of success. The people at Adcock Properties have a passion for the multifamily industry and seek to build long term success by concentrating on having success one day at a time.

Our core values


Adcock Properties is comprised of successful and experienced multifamily and financial minded professionals who cultivate leadership in each team member.


We believe that our customers are paramount in everything we do, and all decisions are made with the consideration of their satisfaction.


Our leadership recognizes that more is accomplished when all team members work together for a common goal.


Adcock Properties takes great care to ensure the decisions we make are both responsible and made for the right reasons.


We strive to create a vision for the future and to maintain an environment in which sharing and forward thinking is encouraged at all levels by all team members.


Adcock Properties applies incredible energy to exceed our clients' expectations and excel in every aspect of the multifamily real estate business.


We recognize the need for balance in everything you do and in every part of life. Time to worship, time to spend with family and time to work are all critical pieces to continued success within the organization.

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